Asset 8

The is the world's most advanced vehicle measurement device...

Asset 8
Matrix 3-D Automotive Measurement Equipment

+ Choose and Measure Any Point
+ Reveal Hidden Damage
+ Prove Severity of Damage
+ Predictive Wheel Alignment
+ Zero Structural Supplements
+ Provide Proof to Insurance Companies
+ Verify Repair Quality
+ Accurate Estimates
+ Automatic In-Field Calibration
= One-Year Return On Investment

Welcome to the world of 3-D Virtual Data and Infinite Measurements...

Matrix Wand 3-D Automitve Repair Measurement and Estimation

The portable Wand and Digital Measurement Software provides infinite measuring and infinite repair data. Matrix's innovative technology allows users to break free from cumbersome mechanical measurement devices and limited repair data...

Case Studies...

Matrix conducted a blind study of 150 vehicles over a 90-day period of time. The vehicles first came to the Repair Planning Station where they were torn down and estimated by the Body Shop staff. Matrix would then image and measure the vehicles. What was discovered is that for every 10 vehicles measured, three would have hidden damage with an average of three lost labor hours per vehicle. This was shocking information to the highly trained and experienced estimators. Even the Matrix staff with 30 years experience, easily misjudged the damage....

How It Works...


The use of Photogrammetry in the Body Shop provides Infinite Measuring possibilities and Infinite Data collection. This allows the technician to measure unlimited points of damage with full XYZ position results. After creating a stereoscopic image of the vehicle you can now select your choice of any two pixels to measure. There are literally millions of choices with unlimited possibilities. The result is that trial and error in the repair process can be reduced to a minimum. When repairing complex head light openings and difficult side hit damage, you can map the good side of the vehicle...



"Anything I can do to reduce friction in the process I want to be part of. Documentation is what's needed to reduce friction. Having good tools such as the Matrix Wand is a big benefit. With the Matrix Wand you can actually document what the damage is. The technicians work hard and they need to get paid for the work they do. Our company also needs to make money, with the Matrix Wand an estimate becomes the document needed for everyone."

Dan Bailey

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