General Information
Where is the Matrix Wand manufactured? 
Kansas. Proudly made in America.
What is included with the Matrix Wand system?
The Matrix Wand System Hardware includes:
-The Matrix Wand
-Pelican™ carrying case
-Calibration board
-Dell laptop (fully loaded)
-Autowriter markers
-4 Nikon batteries & 2 battery chargers
-All necessary cables

The Fenderbolt Software is required to collect data from the wand hardware and includes:
-Mitchell Reference Data
-Matrix Repair Analysis Software
-Collect & store your own measuring data
-Wand usage reports for shop owners
-I-CAR certified online training courses
-Technical support (by phone or online)

The optional blueprinting station includes:
-VIZIO 32" monitor
-Mobile work station (with cover)
-Surge protector
-Extension cord
How is the Matrix Wand system shipped? 
Your Wand system comes wrapped and secured in a custom-built crate that is delivered to your shop's doorstep.
Does the Matrix Wand system have a warranty? 
Yes. The Matrix Wand system has a 1 year limited warranty with intended usage. All electronic components are warrantied per manufacturer.
Is the Matrix Wand portable?
Yes. A primary feature to the Matrix Wand system is its portability. It is a hand-held unit weighing approximately 12 pounds. The Wand does not need to be plugged in, in order to take images. It has internal storage for approximately 1,200 images. An infinite number of images can be downloaded to the portable laptop, which is included in the Matrix Wand system.
What can the Matrix Wand measure?
If you can see it, and take a picture of it with the calibration board in the image, you can measure it. Common measurements include suspension, upper and lower control arms, knuckles, struts, fenders, frame rails and covers, lift gates, apertures, automated driver assist systems (ADAS) sensors and brackets, structural, wheel wells, hoods, spindles, rails, pillars, core supports and cradle, among many others.

The Matrix Wand can be used to identify pull, sag, mash and sway. It is the only tool that will tell you upfront what parts will be needed in the repair process. By using the Matrix Wand throughout the repair process, it ensures a vehicle will correctly align the first time.
How accurate are the measurements?
+/- 1mm
Do I need to be connected to WiFi when using the Matrix Wand?
WiFi connection is not required when capturing images with the Wand or when using the Fenderbolt Software. To install updates or for technical support, WiFi connection is required.
Training & Support
Who do I contact for technical support, troubleshooting or replacement parts?
If you require support, call the Matrix team at 800.424.8023 or email
Is training available? 
Yes, the Matrix Wand Technical Training Program, partnered with I-CAR's Industry Training Alliance® program, is available:
• On-location at your shop;
• On-site at Matrix's corporate headquarters; or
• Online.

I-CAR's approved training courses are available to estimators, structural steel technicians, structural aluminum technicians, non-structural technicians, and electrical/mechanical technicians. I-CAR credits are available upon training completion.
Using the Matrix Wand
Does the Matrix Wand measure side body hits?
Yes, the Matrix Wand can be used to measure side body hits. It can also be used in:

• The estimation process, to assess the magnitude of damage from side impact.
• The repair process, to provide side-by-side comparative data. This eliminates door test-fitting and ensures all necessary repairs are made the first time.
• The post-repair process, to ensure alignment, quality check repairs, and generate documentation.

Each of these things reduces shop liability.
Does the Matrix Wand measure suspension?
Yes. A primary feature of the Matrix Wand is its ability to measure control arms, knuckles, struts and other suspension parts before the vehicle is torn down. By performing measurements before tear down, a shop can pre-order parts so that they are readily available to begin the repair process. This includes new OEM, aftermarket or salvage parts.
Can the Matrix Wand measure ADAS sensors?
Yes, the Matrix Wand can measure ADAS sensors and bracket positions with +/- 1mm accuracy. ADAS (Advanced Drive Assistance System) technologies are designed to improve the convenience and safety of driving by warning the driver that a crash is imminent or by temporarily automating certain aspects of vehicle control such as acceleration, braking or steering.
Can the Matrix Wand quality check parts?
Yes. Because the Matrix Wand can do comparative measurements in 3D, it can be used to measure anything – from the entire car to individual parts. The Matrix Wand can be used to measure new or used parts upon delivery, for quality checks and to ensure proper fit. This eliminates much of the guesswork during the repair process.
Can the Matrix Wand identify structural damage without having to completely tear down the vehicle?
Yes. Because the Matrix Wand can record data points while measuring through solid objects, the vehicle does not need to be torn down in order to identify structural damage. Therefore, the vehicle can be measured, and structural damage can be identified before the vehicle enters the shop's workflow.
How many data points can be selected on a vehicle?
Infinite. If you can see it, and take a picture of it with the calibration board in the image, you can measure it. Most shops average 6-20 data points selected at a time.
Can I go back and select additional data points on a vehicle if necessary?
Yes. Because the image is saved to the Fenderbolt Software, it can be accessed on any occasion. Because the data points are selected digitally, they can be revised or added to with a simple click of the cursor.
What is the Matrix Wand's set-up time?
Speed of use is an advantage of the Matrix Wand system. Setup times vary based on the specific project you are working on. Simply place the calibration board in the area to be photographed (no precision necessary), power up the Wand, capture as many images as required, and plug the Wand into the computer to download the images into the Fenderbolt Software. The entirety of the measuring process can be performed in minutes.
When do I use auto markers to mark points?
Auto markers do not have to be used with the Matrix Wand. If you decide to use auto markers to mark points, they should be used before capturing an image and should be used for visual aid.
Is image/data storage space limited?
The Wand has internal storage for approximately 1,200 images. An infinite number of images/data points can be downloaded into the Fenderbolt Software.
Is the Matrix Wand "targetless"?
Yes. Because the Matrix Wand does not require hanging targets or arm extensions to begin the measuring process, set-up time is approximately 2 minutes. This is significantly reduced from the industry's standard measuring set-up times, which can exceed 1 hour.
General Care
How should I store my Matrix Wand?
Take careful note of how your wand is packaged in its Pelican™ Case upon delivery. The best position to ensure the wand is secure in the case is with the screens facing up. If you purchased the optional blueprinting station, you will notice it comes with a protective cover. Once the system is uncovered, you may place the wand on the hooks located under the monitor. To protect your wand, we encourage you to store it in the Pelican™ Case during periods of non-use. The Matrix Wand and all its components should be stored in a dry location of your shop.
How long can the batteries last on a charge?
When the Wand is in constant use, a charge may last 2 days (on average). The system includes two extra batteries which are fully charged and always available to be switched out.
How do I replace the batteries in my Matrix Wand?
Open the battery door and release the lever holding the battery. It is important to note that the batteries will only fit one way and they should not require much force to install. The wand comes with two sets of batteries and two chargers to ensure you are never waiting for a charged set. The wand’s automatic shutoff feature will power down the wand after 10 minutes of being idle.
Do I have to power the Matrix Wand on each time I use it?
Yes. To reduce battery consumption, it is recommended to power the Wand on/off between uses. If idle for 10 minutes, the Wand will automatically shut off.
How do I clean the lenses?
Before each use, the wand should be inspected for dust and smudges on both lenses. To remove the lens cap, simply pinch the cap and remove. By tilting the wand back and forth in the reflection of the light, you can easily identify any smudges on the lens itself. To prevent scratches, it is important to blow off any debris before cleaning the lenses. Using a clean lens cloth, wipe the lens in a circular motion.
What is Fenderbolt?
Fenderbolt is a cloud-based measuring software which uses photogrammetry to output three-dimensional measurements. By uploading static images of collision damage into the software, infinite measuring data points can be selected from that image. This allows infinite measuring across the entirety of the vehicle and includes measuring through solid objects.

The Matrix Wand, powered by Fenderbolt, provides collision repair professionals with reliable and accurate measurements as they repair vehicles back to safe, OEM standards. The software, integrated with the Mitchell Reference Database, compares points to factory specifications. Fenderbolt is required to collect data from the Matrix Wand.
Can I create my own data in the Fenderbolt Software?
Yes. If Mitchell Reference Data is unavailable, the Matrix Wand can be used to measure the undamaged side of the vehicle to create side-by-side comparative data. Also, if an undamaged or properly repaired vehicle of the same make & model is readily available, the Wand can be used to measure it and collect reference data. These data points can be stored to the Fenderbolt Software; therefore, an undamaged or properly repaired vehicle should only have to be measured once for its reference data.
Can I store data in the Fenderbolt Software?
Yes. An infinite number of images and their measurement data can be saved to the Fenderbolt Software. Each customer's vehicle data can also be saved as a "project," for ease of reference and to keep record of the vehicle's history.
What database does the Fenderbolt Software use?
The Fenderbolt Software is equipped with its own proprietary data, as well as Mitchell Reference Data for more than 24,000 vehicle makes and models, ranging from 1994 models to current models. The Matrix Wand can also be used to create your own reference data. This can be done by collecting side-by-side comparative data from the undamaged side of the vehicle you are working on, or by collecting data from an undamaged or properly repaired vehicle of identical make and model.
How often is the Fenderbolt Software updated?
The Fenderbolt Software and its integral Mitchell Reference Database are updated quarterly (every 3 months).
What comes as part of the software licensing agreement?
Technical support (by phone or on-site), quarterly updates to the Mitchell Reference Database and quarterly updates to the Fenderbolt Software.
Calibration Board
Does the calibration board have to be in each image?
Yes, the calibration board must be in each image so the system can calibrate properly.
How should I care for my calibration board?
The calibration board is critical to the accuracy of your Matrix Wand. It is important that you store your calibration board in a safe location and use extreme care when handling the board. Any physical damage, discoloration, or staining can compromise the accuracy of your measurements and therefore the safety of repairs. Calibration boards should be stored on the side of your cart using the magnetic hooks.
How do I clean my calibration board?
If your calibration board gets dirty, simply wipe it down with a water-based cleaner.

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