General Information
Where is the Matrix Wand manufactured? 
Kansas. Proudly made in America.
How is the Matrix Wand system shipped? 
Your Wand system comes wrapped and secured in a custom-built crate that is delivered to your shop's doorstep.
How long can the batteries last on a charge? 
When the Wand is in constant use, a charge may last 2 days (on average). The system includes two extra batteries which are fully charged and always available to be switched out.
Does the Matrix Wand system have a warranty? 
Yes. The Matrix Wand system has a 1 year limited warranty with intended usage. All electronic components are warrantied per manufacturer.
Training & Support
Is technical support available? 
Yes, the Matrix Team is available to you by phone or online for technical support. Please contact us if you require support.
Is training available? 
Yes, the Matrix Wand Technical Training Program, partnered with I-CAR's Industry Training Alliance® program, is available:
• On-location at your shop;
• On-site at Matrix's corporate headquarters; or
• Online.

I-CAR's approved training courses are available to estimators, structural steel technicians, structural aluminum technicians, non-structural technicians, and electrical/mechanical technicians. I-CAR credits are available upon training completion.
I need help troubleshooting my Matrix Wand system. What should I do? 
Please contact us for technical support.
Who do I contact for replacement parts or components? 
Please contact us for technical support.
How the Repair Analysis Software Works
What database does the Matrix Repair Analysis Software use? 
The Mitchell Reference Data has more than 24,000 vehicle makes and models, ranging from 1994 models to current models.

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