How It Works:

The Matrix Wand™ Measuring System

The Matrix Wand is the tool of choice for body shop professionals to quickly identify hidden damage and improve work flow through the shop. Prior to the Matrix Wand, blueprinting each vehicle that arrived in the shop was time consuming and often cost prohibitive. Tearing down each car to find hidden damage consumes valuable time on the frame machine, labor, and shop floor space. Within a matter of minutes every car that goes through the shop can be measured to identify hidden damage to:

  • Ensure accurate estimates the first time to reduce supplements while increasing efficiency and profitability throughout the repair process.
  • Blueprint the work to be carried out and the parts required.
  • Verify the repair by comparing points to the Mitchell Database integrated into Matrix's Software.
  • Provide documentation to insurance companies and customers to improve customer satisfaction and reduce liability.
Watch how the Matrix Wand System works?

Image the Vehicle

Use the target-less handheld Matrix Wand to take 3D images of the vehicle with minimal tear down. Captured images can be used to measure:

  • Suspension
  • Control Arms 
  • Cradle Positioning 
  • Toe Angle 
  • Caster Angle
  • Camber Angle 
  • Strut/Knuckle Symmetry
  • Sensor Placement 
  • Gaps

Capture the Data

Use Matrix's proprietary data collection software to download the 3D images and data points to your computer. This process is quick and easy giving you the ability to capture visible and hidden damage on the fly.


Measure Fast and Accurately

Use the Repair Analysis Software to start measuring any point on the vehicle:

  • Zoom in on the image and select any point you would like to measure.
  • Virtual 3D measuring can see through solid objects allowing precise measurment across any section.
  • Estimate and repair more accurately by identifying “damage” areas versus “trusted” areas or utilize the integrated Mitchell Database to compare points to factory specifications.
  • Compare and analyze a variety of dimensions to indentify hidden dmage.
  • Calculations from the Matrix Wand and Repair Analysis Software are accurate within 1mm, so you can be assured your measurements are spot on!

Document and Blueprint

Document the damage to share with insurance companies and customers. Blueprint the job to assure work is carried out and parts ordered with the greatest efficiency.


Repair and Verify

Carry out the repair and use the Matrix Wand to assist with accuracy. This includes sensor angle positioning, hanging doors, verifying alignment, and checking suspension. Capture a final measurement to verify the car is repaired back to specification and document to minimize liability.

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