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Is the B Pillar in or not?

Date Created:

May 8, 2017

Vehicle Information:

2006 Saab

The Value of Real Matrix Wand Data:

The shop was charged with repairing a 2006 Saab with driver-side body damage from a deer collision. The deer initially hit the driver-side front of the vehicle, which caused it to swing around, damaging the side of the vehicle. No one could say with great certainty if the B-pillar was damaged, or to what degree. The technician ultimately believed it needed to be fixed; however, the insurance adjuster needed proof and it would be three days for him to get onsite.


Using the Matrix Wand™ and vehicle match comparative we compared the undamaged B-pillar on the passenger-side to the damaged B-pillar on the driver-side. The comparison revealed the extent of the damage and had solid documentation to prove it. With this information, the adjuster saved a trip to the body shop and the technician began the repairs immediately.

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