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Suspension - "Wrong Diagnosis"

Date Created:

May 8, 2017

Vehicle Information:

2010 Jeep Liberty

The Value of Real Matrix Wand Data:

This 2010 Jeep Liberty was repaired after a collision that required the repair of the left front structure and replacement of the left front wheel. Following repair, the vehicle was sent for alignment. The alignment could not be performed and the alignment technician diagnosed the left front knuckle as the problem. When the vehicle arrived back at the shop, the Matrix Wand™ was there. The left and right knuckles were compared and found to be identical, indicating that there was actually no damage to the left knuckle. How often do we rely on opinion to determine required repairs?


In just a few minutes, the Matrix Wand was able to diagnose and document the actual damage. This vehicle has a damaged and shifted cradle and a damaged left lower control arm.

Using the Matrix Active Map 3-D™ application, the Matrix Wand technician was able to confirm that the undiagnosed damage is confined to the engine crade area and has not transferred towards the rear.

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